Seeing is Believing.

Nothing testifies to our expertise, workmanship, and dedication to functional and aesthetic perfection better than a side-by-side comparison of one of our more recent commercial-to-luxury conversion projects: the M/Y Western Isles.

The art of re-vitalizing the look, feel and functionality of your luxury investment.
Refit Works

While “ground-up” commercial to luxury yacht conversions remain our specialty, HYS has also become widely recognized and trusted as the luxury yacht refit yard of choice throughout the Southeast Asian region.

From the simplest interior repairs to hull and superstructure works

From the simplest wood-working and paint touch-ups, to expert teak deck repair and replacement, hydraulic equipment overhauls, aluminium and steel fabrication (and more), HYS can accommodate repair projects of any description efficiently, economically and with an end result that has always exceeded the expectations of owners and Captains since 1998.

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Monday – Saturday: 7:00 – 4:00 Hrs

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