San Bernardino Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, 2200 Zambales

Strip-Out | Rebuild

"The most critical task for any HYS Yachts conversion project comes at the very beginning: accurately identifying the specific lifestyle – or “personality” – the owner would like his or her completed project to convey."

Stripping her back to the bare essentials.

After all design requirements have been satisfied, and the project’s costing has been approved, the strip-out and structural rebuild phase begins.

The HYS electrical team initiates this phase by identifying and labeling all electrical and electronic equipment for either disposal or reuse. Next come the sledge hammers, power saws and crowbars as our carpentry division strips all interior and exterior surfaces down to the structural steel plate.

After the vessel has been laid bare, a comprehensive UT gauging survey begins: referencing your vessel’s original plating specification, any surface discovered to be in excess of twenty-percent corrosion and wear is cut-out and replaced.

After strip-out, your project is transported from our Subic Bay conversion yard to ship yards for major structural modification and functionality additions. Here, all exterior surfaces are sandblasted back to raw steel, re-coated with marine epoxy primer, and finished (on all below-water-line areas) with a fresh skin of anti-fouling marine paint.

During the rebuild phase, all below-water additions (bow thrusters, stabilizers, modified stern units, bulbous bows, etc.) are also installed as required by the approved General Arrangement specification.

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